As a military combat veteran, my service afforded me knowledge, experience, and perspective I would not have gained otherwise. The military developed my ability to make smart decisions in stressful situation, and instilled in me the value of others’ lives, so we could work together to create stronger communities.

When I served our country, my service extended to all American citizens, not a selected few. It has become a trend for elected officials to represent their donors instead of the people, including District 15. This is not acceptable.

Although my military service ended, I continue to hear the call to serve and aspire to do so as the Democratic Congressman of District 15.

Our district needs a congressman with a backbone, one who is serious about values that matter to Pennsylvanians. They need a leader who will be present in the community, truly taking to heart the concerns of those who live and work in the district. I am that leader.

In 2018, give our district the Congressman it demands: Vote Veteran, Vote Weidman.


David's Biography

Born and raised in Easton, PA, David Weidman first answered the call to serve after 9/11 when he enlisted in the United States Air Force. David served more than 6 years active duty in the USAF, and volunteered for joint service as a US Army Infantryman when the Army was short-staffed. While deployed to Afghanistan, David served in the Panjshir Provincial Reconstruction Team, working hand-in-hand with Afghan civilians and military, bringing stability to the region. His decorated service record includes hundreds of convoys and more than a dozen humanitarian missions, giving David a hands-on perspective of the work our Armed Services performs around the world.

David continued his commitment to service after separating from the USAF and returning home to Pennsylvania. As an undergraduate at Penn State, he served on campus as the vice president of both the Political Society and the Blue and White Warriors Veterans Society. Off campus, he interned with the Lehigh Valley Drug and Alcohol Intake unit, where he saw first hand the suffering caused by addiction in our community. He also continued serving his nation and gained experience as an intern for State Senator Lisa Boscola (D) and US Representative Charlie Dent (R). David earned his Bachelors Degree in Psychology with honors, and went on to provide Autism Support to students at Dieruff HS in Allentown. He currently works as a Behavioral Support Counselor while he pursues his Masters degree in Education. He was a small business owner, and serves as a Commissioner for the Borough of Emmaus where he and his wife Sylvia reside. David and Sylvia are both USAF veterans who have personally experienced, and continue to experience, harassment and discrimination as a multi-racial couple.

David knows we need strong leaders who are willing to make sure all Americans, including and especially our veterans, receive the care and benefits they so desperately need. He will fight against bigotry and racism wherever he finds it. He will work to ensure educators have the necessary resources to help our children succeed, and he will support common sense legislation to benefit and protect all the people who live and work in District 15.


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